SEO Copywriting

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The quality and relevance of the content on your website is a real make or break factor when it comes to online marketing. Website content should not only be optimised to ensure it performs well when it comes to organic search and page rankings but should also be readable and informative in order to create a good user experience when people visit your site. At Alpaca Marketing we have great experience in not only ranking pages in Google but also ensuring people find what they were looking for once they are on your site.

What we offer:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Category Page Content
  • Meta Tiles and Descriptions

Why is great Copywriting important?

Great copywriting is more important than ever. Google algorithms have evolved so much over the years that whereas once upon a time a copywriter would write content tailored towards search engines, now the focus centres around people and their interests and objectives. This has actually made it easier for good copywriters to excel as high-quality content which provides relevant information will invariably rank highly as a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). At Alpaca Marketing, we have vast experience when it comes to website copywriting and have a track record of producing web copy which helps pages to rank for competitive target keywords.

Get high-quality traffic to your Site

Web pages which contain high value, detailed and well written content will not only rank highly in Google searches, resulting in greater levels of website traffic but will also prevent people from leaving your site straight away once they get there. The type of traffic you get to your site is also very important and copywriting plays a huge role in attracting the right kind of visitors.

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